RecruitmentAdvisor is a global recruitment and employment review platform offering you easy access to information about recruitment agencies and workers’ rights when you’re looking for a job abroad. The best advisors are other workers with experience.

  1. Check the rating of recruitment agencies based on worker reviews.
  2. Check your rights where you will work.
  3. Ask for assistance when your rights have been violated.

We wish you all a decent new job.

Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions include a guideline for workers review that need to be followed when workers write a review on the recruitment agency, review moderation process, and fraud detection, the details can be found below:


The realization of the RecruitmentAdvisor website was made possible through funding from the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Labour Organization, Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation and European Commission.

Ending Forced Labour

Consisting of unions from different countries, our team has developed Recruitment Advisor platform with the aim to empower and protect workers as well as to promote their trade unions’ rights, to share their recruitment experience, and to promote those recruiters that follow a fair recruitment process based on ILO General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment.

Our Campaign

In order to ensure fair recruitment that reduces the vulnerability of workers to forced labour, trade unions in different countries and regions have been actively working to promote International Labour Organization (ILO) General Principles & Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and the Forced Labour Protocol (P29). This work has entailed engaging in social dialogue and tripartite discussions on recruitment processes, including the recruitment of migrant workers, as well as influencing national legislation and policies on fair recruitment and fair migration.

Analysis of recruitment reviews (KENYA)

The analysis report prepared by Caroline Mugalla the Executive Secretary of East African Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) focused on key findings, conclusion, lessons and way forward. As at the time of analyzing web platform report, 479 reviews had been shared by Kenyan migrant workers.