Ending Forced Labour

Every year, millions of migrant workers leave their homes in the search for a better future for their families. Unfortunately, many are tricked by the false promises made by local recruitment agencies – including fake jobs, unpaid salaries, and unsafe working conditions. As a result, thousands of workers end up in the hands of exploitive recruiters and abusive employers with many people being trapped in forced labour, bonded labour and other forms of modern slavery.

This exploitation can be stopped, and with access to the right information migrant workers have the power to do this.

Consisting of unions from different countries, our team has developed Recruitment Advisor platform with the aim to empower and protect workers as well as to promote their trade unions’ rights, to share their recruitment experience, and to promote those recruiters that follow a fair recruitment process based on ILO General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment.

The Recruitment Advisor is a global peer-to-peer recruitment and employment review platform offering migrant workers easy access to information about recruitment agencies and workers’ rights when looking for a job abroad. With listings of more than 10,000 agencies in selected countries, people in search of work can access reviews by other workers”. Together we will stop unscrupulous recruitment practices, we will eliminate slavery in the supply chains and we will end modern slavery.

See our video here.

Read our Forced Labour Protocol Guide here.