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Based on reviews of other users/workers, we didn't find any agencies in Nepal sending workers to South Korea.

Other agencies in Nepal

These agencies are located in Nepal, but we need your reviews in order to find out the countries where these agencies send workers to.


97 Moon Light International Pvt. Ltd.

Lalitpur-3, Dhobighat.
4 reviews

A Jambary Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd.

Kathmandu-9, Sinamangal.
0 reviews

A Journeyman Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Kathmandu-4, Sukedhara.
0 reviews

A K Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Kathmandu-2, Lazimpat.
0 reviews

A. S. International Pvt. Ltd

Kathmandu-9, Airport.
2 reviews