UAE (2007);  Memorandum of Understanding between the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka on Domestic Workers

Qatar (2008)

Italy (2011): Agreement on bilateral cooperation on labour migration between Italy and Sri Lanka

Oman (2012)

Republic of Korea (2012)

Saudi Arabia (2014):  Council of Ministers Resolution No. 68 of 24/11/2014; Approves the cooperation relations between the Ministry of Labour of Saudi Arabia Kingdom and Sri Lanka's Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Ministry in the field of recruitment of domestic workers

Kuwait (2014): Decree No. 42 of 2014 Ratifying the Memorandum of Understanding on the Field of Labour Recruitment and Development of Manpower between the Government of the State of Kuwait and the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Switzerland (2018): Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a Migration Partnership between Sri Lanka and Switzerland