Recruitment Advisor is a global recruitment and employment review platform offering you easy access to information about recruitment agencies and workers’ rights when you’re looking for a job abroad. Recruitment Advisor is developed by a consortium of unions from different countries. Recruitment Advisor has coordination teams in different countries (currently in the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal , Sri Lanka, Kenya, Hong Kong, Bahrain). Together with several other organizations in each country, the team reaches out to the workers with the mission to raise awareness on the workers’ rights to be fairly recruited based on ILO General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and to encourage workers to share and learn about fair recruitment through Recruitment Advisor.

The best advisors are other workers with experience.

  1. Check the rating of recruitment agencies based on worker reviews.
  2. Check your rights where you will work.
  3. Ask for assistance when your rights have been violated.

We wish you all a decent new job.

What you need to know!

Workers' stories & rights violation

Read here workers' stories and common cases of rights violation in recruitment process.

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Fair Recruitment is a right for all workers

Based on ILO General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment

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Organizations involved

RecruitmentAdvisor is developed by a consortium of unions from different countries

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What you should know!

Technology and Labour Migration

How can technology help to improve migrant workers' recruitment process?

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What is Recruitment Advisor?

1 minute video explaining how Recruitment Advisor works...

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The realization of the RecruitmentAdvisor website was made possible through...

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