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April 2022
" Husband married to another woman and wife (mama)married to another man. So my duty was take care of two children at their home. After few months nobody came to see children and male employer (baba) had taken 3 of us to his mothers home. Then i have to work in that home and take care 2 children and wash their clothes ect. But nobody pay my salary. three of them told me he will pay, she will pay. But nobody paid. So one day I ran out from the home and went to Embasy of Sri Lanka. Then they request me to come back and will pay more. but I did not. One of Sri Lankan lady given me the money to prepare the ticket. Then I came back to Sri Lanka. Later I paid her money. "
April 2022
" They were very good. Given me food, medicine correct salary. They Took me a trip to Turkey. "

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