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September 2022

We faced very unfair situation at the destination country. Our company did not pay our salary for 7 months. I n the Rumania the government issued visa only for one town. So we can not work in another town. After no job hardly found another company. They paid salary to our agency and agency send salary to my home. But they did not pay the less than they said. After 4 months that company also gave back our passport and ask go back to Sri lanka and we will call you after 2 months. We informed this bad situation to agency, embassy and SLBFE. But nobody helped us. Any how I came back to Sri Lanka. Now 3 months I am here. When I questioned the company and the agency they said "wait little more, still the Ukraine war on going". To go abroad I pawned my home and land. If I do not have job how can I release my house

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